Cometa Exhibition

Exhibitions, Interior Design
About This Project

This small temporary exhibit has been designed for the event Fuorisalone 2016. The recovery and transformation of old industrial tools taken from the Ex Falck Area by the students of the Cometa institute was the opportunity to sell objects in order to finance other student activities. This professional school aims to provide young kids of different ages and grown in difficult social environments, the skills and knowledge required in different fields (cooker, carpenter, blacksmith, etc.). The work of these students has been exhibited in one of the former buildings of the industrial Ex Falck Area. In this temporary exhibit our work and our main challenge was to isolate each object from the surrounding space in order to emphasize its peculiarities. Every object was different and dislocated within the space above a mirrored platform with another mirrored panel suspended on the ceiling. These reflections and refractions created a sense of suspension giving every object its own unique identity. Metal shutters, lathes and cardan joints transmission, bended metal plates and many other tools where transformed gaining new life. This was a successful and interesting experiment of reuse.

Design team:

Tectoo – Lead Architect
Goppion – Contractor