Understanding the project brief and establishing a close and productive relationship with the Client is the key element to define objectives and desiderata. Having a sensitive approach to the project and the local contest corroborating that with the international experience gained in important projects gives us a strong package of knowledge enhancing the design process through our passion and competences.

Every project is unique and is an opportunity to develop something with a strong identity and its own aspects of interest, while implementing the design approach through the different phases. Building the correct team of skilled people around the project supporting the design with the correct consultant is extremely relevant. Sustainability and social aspects always count for quality of the final outcome.

Design Process

The conception of a project with analysis and sketches is never a linear process. The development of a scheme can vary along the course for further influences, input or better ideas that can be of advantage for the scheme. The design process is the key phase for the most important decision and we trust the use of our internal Laboratory for model making as a useful tool for discussion with the Client.


The projects are developed through a meticulous design process that can vary from the scale or the type of project, whether is a building or a masterplan, identifying the objectives in order to drive its conception. We start with sketches, hand drawings, physical study model and quick 3D visualizations. This process provides the basic information to start sharing with the clients, ideas and possibilities.


After having defined the direction of design we implement the project in Revit (BIM) for the most precise control of quantities and data. This is an important step that takes the project to another level of design implementation enhancing the coordination of the architecture with the other disciplines. Engineering consultants do use our BIM model since the early stages to identify different options.

In coordination with the whole team of consultant we request their implementation for the specific disciplines to the necessary level related to the phase. This aims to guarantee the constant development of the project in the other disciplines. Highly competent staff in computer technology give us the opportunity to coordinate complex projects while developing the information following the design progression.


Our office is a creative hub able to emphasize energy, passion and quality of the people within the firm. We can cover with our expertise the whole  process. Having worked many years in successful firms on important and iconic project we truly believe a good project comes out through a process that starting in the concept design is carried along with integrity and methodology.

Our creative approach evolves and grows with the Client expectation for the best outcome. We have worked in many fields spanning from master planning, residential and office developments, leisure and public buildings including museums and concert halls. This is giving us a comprehensive knowledge of the discipline enhanced by the support of talented and successful consulting firms.