Student Residence Camplus – Pavia

About This Project

The project concerns the partial renovation, extension and change of use of the former ‘Prof. E. Morelli’ Clinical Institute in Pavia, which is located in the south-western part of the city centre.
The area was inhabited since Roman times and during the Lombard reign, the church and convent of S. Agata in Monte were built, which no longer exist and on whose remains the clinic was built.

The plot has an area of 5560 square metres and includes a private garden of considerable size. Given the dilapidated state of the existing structures, the project envisages their partial demolition, preserving only the building to the south that runs parallel to Via Santa Margherita. The latter is connected by a distribution corridor to the two new buildings that take up the longitudinal layout of the pre-existing ones. The project ensures that the historic building must be read both from the inside and from the outside as a separate entity but contiguous, also in its functions, to the overall layout. The new buildings are conceived as pure forms and volumes precisely to unequivocally identify their contemporaneity, avoiding mimetic operations and creating a dialogue with the historical pre-existence.

The longitudinal development of the intervention envisages a central connecting axis that defines the organisational structure of the building.

The ground floor, which for reasons related to the current morphology of the land is semi-basement on the north front, is mainly occupied by the entrance hall and student services such as the gymnasium, study rooms, recreational spaces, and technical areas.

Three lifts and two stairwells lead up to the upper floors where the student rooms are located, 85 single and 52 double rooms (10 of which are accessible to the disabled) for a total of 189 beds.

The building facing Piazza XXIV Maggio will also be restored, for which a renovation is planned that preserves its chromatic and material characteristics. This too will house student accommodation on all three levels

A further small building to the south-east of the site, small but with distinctive architectural features, will be renovated and used for parking students’ bicycles.


Pavia – Italy


Concept Design
Schematic Design


Cogefa spa

Construction Cost:


Site Area:

5560 sqm

Project Size:

5.000 sqm


Dec 2022

Design team:

Tectoo – Lead Architect

Logica Ingegneria – Structural Engineering

Logica Ingegneria – MEP Engineering

Dodi Moss – Landscape

GAe – Fire Engineering

GAD – Cost Controller